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It may seem like a strange combination but these are
two counties for which we are passionate.

Here at Rhapsody Tours we will share the must see’s & do’s,
the hidden secrets, and tips to ensure
a great travel experience in both Canada and Germany.

If you wish your travel experience to include sightseeing, historical sites,
an educational aspect or a relaxing getaway,
let our specialists create your personalized journey.

We focus on amalgamating comfort & genuineness in your travel choice
of two of the world’s most amazing countries.

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You might know that Canada is famous for its Mounted Police, Beavers, Maple Syrup and Hockey.

But do you know about its diversity?

Canada has more to offer then you imagine. 

Read on to find out more about this spectacular country and
what it has to offer.

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Explore Germany - Fairy tale Castle - Neuschwanstein

If everything you know about Germany comes from the history channel then you are missing out. 

Germany is one of the most enriched, beautiful, friendly countries in the world and is a must for travelers.

Read on to find the out what wonders await you in this historic land.

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Ireland, The Birthplace of "Titanic" Tour

This tour does not take place in Canada or Germany,

but the story of Titanic and the island of Ireland are

very important to us.

So to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic we wish

to share this tour itinerary with you.


(Music Credit for Video: Aoife Granville "The Reheen")


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